Alan Ford Runs a Lap of Honour

Only a small amount of comic books and in general “non-native cultural products” were able to get under the skin of formerly unified Southern Slavs and stay there to this day despite numerous political changes. One of them is definitely Alan Ford. It has captivated the readers with dark comedy, social satire, the irony and its surrealism. This comic book is not politically correct – nobody is on its safe side. The most interesting thing about it must be the discussed political and social events that make it almost a prophet. In fact, we now exist in a comic-like world, which we used to make fun of.

  Its creators are the Italians Luciano Secchi – Bunker and Roberto Raviola – Magnus who worked together from 1969 to 1975. This exhibition hence comprises the comic book pages from their joint creative era. A Yugoslavian translation of the comic by Nenad Brixy came to life already in 1970 and Branko Gradišnik translated it to Slovene only in 1993. Alan Ford is not just a comic book, it is an institution. Its influence in former common country of Yugoslavia is immense.

 162 original comic book pages were thus on view on Ljubljana's Exhibition. Up until now, the biggest exhibition with 30 original pages took place in 2017 in Rome. With this “world’s biggest exhibition” we wish to attest the deep-rootedness of Alan Ford in our cultural region and to properly honour, with an accompanying catalogue, the 50th anniversary of our faithful companion.  

List of exhibited original comic book pages  

Exhibition catalogue:
 150 pages, paperback, A4 format Texts in Slovenian, Italian and Croatian
 Authors: Lazar Džamić, Max Modic, Mitja Velikonja, Zoran Smiljanić, Izar Lunaček, Iva Boras, Mladen Novaković, Aleš Debeljak, Aleksander Buh, Aldo Milohnić, Aleksandar Đorđevski
 First published: 23 May 2019
 Price: 25 €   

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